Nicole Atkins Discusses Her Sobriety in New Rolling Stone Feature

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Nicole Atkins recently opened up to writer Jason Newman in this week’s Rolling Stone’s feature, crediting a hip-hop producer she met in rehab for pushing her into soul music. "One day, he's like, 'Play me your stuff.' He said, 'You're really good, but you need to stop fucking around with this indie-rock bullshit. You're a soul singer. Just do what you do.'"

Asked about the titular Rhonda Lee, which "started as my bowling alias, but became my drunken hag alias," Atkins, now sober, explained to Newman why she was ready to say "good night" to that character. "In my element, I could've been the best fucking thing you've ever seen where I'll get us a free limo ride to the party in Brooklyn and free drugs and then we'll go get steak and eggs in the morning, or I'll say horrible things to your wife," she says. "There was no telling."